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Drum Making Workshop

We had fun, creating our own drum.

Please contact us if your are interested in making your own drum.

Happiness is
not so much in having
as sharing

We make a living
by what we get
but we make a life
by what we give

We love to share our home made lunch with you for any workshop Piri is giving.

More Information on the Workshops:

Integrated Crystal Bowls Sound Healing


I am so excited to have Theresa Laforge here again at the Rainbow Spirit Retreat, playing her crystal bowls.
The pure tone of crystal bowls produces a vibrational sound field which resonates the light body chakra and corresponding physical area. The crystal bowls awaken us to exactly what is happening in our energy field now.
This sound healing session can create a full- body experience of what your true issue is currently in your body that you need to do something about.
Phase one: landing where we are, Piri guides you through energy movements and EFT tapping to be in the moment and open to the sound. Burning ceremony to let go.
Phase two: Crystal bowls singing to Chakra system in our body/mind/spirit.
Phase three: integration of body and new awareness with the help of energy medicine.
Afterwards social time with tea/coffee/snacks, visiting, sharing, asking questions.
Join us and let your body wisdom help you heal. Session will be held in our warm and cozy Yurt.

​Experience Healing with Horses:


Horses have so much to offer us if we just let them. They are highly sensitive, supporting you to be what you are, without any judgment. They mirror what your body, emotions, energy and thoughts are telling them. Supported by them, a deep level of healing will begin.


Through this workshop you will learn the tools to:

  • balance your body-mind-spirit

  • be in the present moment

  • find your body wisdom

How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can:


It's actually all about YOU! In this workshop, you will learn to raise your awareness and to use your body wisdom to release the stuck energy which holds you back to live a fully joyful life. Once this workshop is completed, you will have simple yet very powerful tools to support yourself to be the diamond that you already are. Through this experience you will have the knowledge to heal and change your life.

Body Wisdom Meditation With Horses:


Find a way to your Body Wisdom in the presence of horses. Experience a deeper connection to your self and learn how to release the stuck energy in your Body, Mind and Spirit.


First we will have a short theory session about the body wisdom meditation and then we will experience it in the arena with the horses. Come and enjoy the guided meditation outside with the beautiful view to Lac des Roches.


Event will last about 1 1/2 hours.

Energy Care for your Horse:

This workshop is about balancing the energy flow of your horse by using different energy techniques which include tapping, breathing and re-balancing the 8 chakras. You will learn how to brush your horse to  activate his/ her energy flow and how to open the acupoints in the hooves. You will also learn techniques on how to balance your own energy to achieve a deeper connection to your horse.

Reservation and Payment

To reserve a spot, please place a 50% non refundable deposit.

Call us (250-706-2778) or fill out the form below with the workshop and date of your choosing. You will receive a invoice by email with a link to pay with paypal or credit card, or you can use Interac e-Transfer to our email

Click here for our Event Cancellation Policy

Animal Communication:


We all have the ability to communicate with animals, and through this workshop you will become aware of your innate ability to communicate intuitively with them. This workshop includes a lot of practical exercises and once it is completed, you will be ready to start your deeper level adventure with animals.

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